From conventional to nuclear propulsion, from France to the US, the new Australian submarine policy

By Paolo Valpolini

In the European night between September 15th and 16th Australia announced its new submarine policy, which marks a dramatic shift from the previous one. In short, the Australian Future Submarine programme, in cooperation with France, will be discontinued, the new programme having been announced by the Prime Minister of Australia, the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom and the President of the United States of America, in the form of an enhanced trilateral security partnership between Australia, the UK and the US (AUKUS). The major bullet of the agreement is Australia’s decision to acquire at least eight nuclear-powered submarines that should be build in Adelaide.

Such a decision has obviously triggered a series of reactions. To ease EDR On-Line readers who wish to get deeper into that subject we provide the links to a series of documents, a deeper analysis on this topic to follow soon by our naval editor.