G3 Systems deliver unique Fire Trials & Evaluation Unit for the Royal Navy at Horsea Island

Tuesday 11th July 2023 – G3 Systems Limited, the British company with over 20 years of operationally proven pedigree in designing and producing deployable containerised solutions, has delivered a specially designed and constructed Fire Trials and Evaluation Unit (FTEU) for the Royal Navy at Horsea Island. 

The FTEU allows realistic simulation of fire behaviour within MOD vessels by conducting live fire testing and equipment analysis on behalf of Navy Command Head Quarters (NCHQ) and Defence Equipment and Support (DE&S) / Submarine Delivery Agency (SDA) Equipment teams and Platform Authorities.  The valuable data and experiences gained through the trials facility inform equipment selection and develop firefighting policy, procedures and techniques, conducted in a controlled environment, before becoming Royal Naval policy.

G3 Systems Limited, a wholly owned subsidiary of IAP WWS Inc, has a long history of producing modular, deployable containerised solutions for the Royal Navy (Forward Support Units and more recently NavyPODs for the heavy lift drone capability).  For this project, they had to combine three key elements of unique capability and experience to meet the customers demanding requirements; previous research in fire propagation and risk in containerised units, operational fire-fighting experience gained from providing fire and rescue services in Afghanistan and their long history of producing bespoke containerised solutions for defence and other governmental organisations.

The output is the unique FTEU which, is modular by design, and built to fit into the existing available floor plate with minimal changes to infrastructure, utilising existing supplies and discharge routes but incorporating safety and functional improvements when compared to the old FTEU facility.  The burn unit is designed to be safely operated with a minimum of two personnel but with the ability to flex to five personnel in full firefighting equipment, including breathing apparatus, transiting through at any time. The system is designed to minimise risks to personnel during operation and maintenance, taking into account the latest fire safety legislation whilst providing a valid representation of a Naval environment.

Mike Puckett, Managing Director at G3 Systems Limited said, “G3 Systems are world renowned for producing deployable containerised solutions, but less well known for our facilities management or fire-fighting services.  This project is an excellent example of the depth of experience that G3 Systems possesses, and it is extremely rewarding to design and deliver such a unique capability drawing on every element of our business.”

Lieutenant Commander David Cummings, RN said: “The installation and commissioning of the new Fire Trials and Evaluation Unit has now restored the capability of the Royal Navy to carry out live fire trials, which are specific to RN ships and platforms. Trials and results are invaluable in shaping future RN firefighting policy and equipment procurement.  We are content G3 have successfully delivered a design which is not only marine applicable, but also adaptable to allow a versatile range of future trials to be conducted. The unit will ensure the RN can again move forward and continue to develop on board firefighting for the foreseeable future. “

Photo courtesy G3 Systems