Guardiaris launches partnership with Viewpointsystem: new era of simulation training

2 May 2023, Rotterdam – Guardiaris, advanced military training simulators provider, is proud to announce to become the exclusive military reseller of Viewpointsystem’s internationally awarded smart glasses with eye-tracking technology. The partnership between the two companies, solemnly signed at IT2EC, Rotterdam, lays a strong foundation for opening new dimensions of training approach, based on deeper cognitive and even subconscious analytics, leading to shorter learning span and improved safety in actual combat situations.

The partnership with Viewpointsystem demonstrates Guardiaris’ outstanding agility and supports its promise to transform the concept of military training by pushing scientific boundaries and suiting it best to the new generation of soldiers. “As the official reseller of Viewpointsystem’s smart glasses in the military segment, we are convinced that we are introducing game-changing technology to the military industry that might change the course of how military training and operations are conducted,” said Primož Peterca, CEO of Guardiaris.

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Guardiaris is known for its advanced, fully customized weapon simulators of all kinds, which utilize proprietary game-engine and cutting-edge laserless technology that has revolutionized military training. Its portfolio of partners is impressive, including the most renowned names in the industry, such as Otokar, Rafael, Dynamit Nobel Defence and Instalaza. However, the foundation of its success lies in a deep understanding of the non-technological aspects of tackling the challenges of contemporary training. Its trainee-oriented philosophy, called Train The Brain, focuses on a deeper understanding of the trainee’s psychophysical state, allowing for a 360-degree performance evaluation, optimizing soldiers’ performance and survivability on the battlefield. The company has established a learning process in a synthetic environment where inbound psychophysical measurements and performance analytics are instantly transformed into video-based outbound information for both the instructor and the trainee − an optimal teaching method for the young generation of conscripts.

Advancing the field of eye and perception tracking with the “VPS 19” smart glasses from Viewpointsystem, utilizing their award-winning “Digital Iris” technology, seems like a natural step towards exploring new limits of military training. “Soldiers, special forces, police officers – anyone in the field – often have only fractions of a second to make decisions. Crucially, though, human perception is often compromised in complex situations. This is largely due to human gaze behaviour in high-stress situations, which limits perception and slows reaction time. With the help of advanced mobile eye-tracking technology, however, military leaders can efficiently train their forces to shorten gaze jumps, increase attention, and improve perception,” explains Nils Berger, CEO of Viewpointsystem. The partnership with Viewpointsystem, therefore, lays an astonishing ground for reciprocal learning and development for both companies.

Photos courtesy Guardiaris