Hensoldt supports next-generation European datalink

Taufkirchen/Germany, 8 February 2022 – Sensor solution provider HENSOLDT brings its experience in the area of Tactical Data Links, IFF and sensor fusion develop an independent next-generation Tactical Data Link through a European project called ‘ESSOR MIDS’ (MIDS= Multifunctional Information Distribution System). In the frame of the ESSOR (= European Secure Software-defined Radio) programme, managed by the procurement organization OCCAR, ‘ESSOR MIDS’, to which HENSOLDT is subcontractor, has been awarded a multimillion Euro contract to contribute to the concept development of new hardware and encryption techniques to build the basis of a new data distribution system. This contract is co-funded by four ESSOR nations (France, Germany, Italy and Spain) and the European Commission in the frame of the European Defence Industrial Development Programme (EDIDP) under grant agreement No 044.

‘Multi Netting, Mobile ad hoc Networking, low latency and high data rates are the cornerstones of future networked systems like FCAS’, said Hans-Joachim Reijinga, Comms Products Manager at HENSOLDT. ‘We are very pleased to be able to participate in the creation of a seamless, modern, European and flexible data link for air, sea and ground applications’. ‘ESSOR MIDS’, a successor to the existing MIDS datalink, will provide European high-performance data link capabilities including a new European encryption, high capability Wave Forms with extended Link 16 functionalities and an Intra Flight Data Link Wave Form (IFDLWF) while securing interoperability within NATO and Allied Nations.

”The ‘ESSOR MIDS’ project sets the path to a long-term structured cooperation to develop joint technologies for European military software-defined radio systems. Participants are France, Germany, Italy and Spain. The aim is to provide data and voice communication technologies among European forces in joint military operations. At first, France, Germany, Italy and Spain design the Fighter Terminal, called F-ESSOR MIDS. In parallel, a complete product line for helicopters, missiles and individual soldiers is also initiated. This current concept phase will last until 2025.

Image courtesy Hensoldt