Hyundai Heavy Industries presents the HDP-2200+ OPV design

Luca Peruzzi

At Euronaval, Hyundai Heavy Industries (HHI) shipbuilding presented the new HDP-2200+ multi-purpose OPV design. This was selected in May 2022 by the Philippines Department of National Defence, which in June awarded HHI a (USD 573 million contract for the supply of six platforms.

The new HDP-2200+ multi-purpose design presents, according to a HHI representative, an optimized preset configuration flexible enough to accommodate customer requirements. The 2,450 tonnes displacement platform has a length and beam of respectively 94.4 and 14.3 meters, a draught of 3.7 meters- The propulsion system is linked to two shaft lines and provides a maximum and cruising speed of respectively 22 and 15 knots, a range of 5,500 nm and an endurance of 30 days.

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The platform design is characterized by a modular and flexible mission bay underneath the stern flight deck with two apertures to load and unload payloads from this area, and a stern launch and recovery station for RHIBs. The vessel also features two lateral stations to the hangar structure that can accommodate two additional RHIBs and a hangar that can accommodate a Leonardo AW159 type helicopter, according to rendering and model. The platform is also depicted in two different combat system configurations. The more capable one features a sensor suite including a 3D surveillance radar, a 2D surveillance/helicopter control radar, a RESM, an EO/radar fire control director, EO surveillance, long range acoustic devices (LRADs) and navigation radars. The armament includes a Leonardo 76/62 mm Super Rapido gun mount in the Strales configuration for DART guided ammunitions, a 20 mm Phalanx inner layer defence system, two MBDA SIMBAD-RC with Mistral air defence missiles, and decoy launchers. The lighter version is being depicted with a 30 mm main armament and smaller guns together with 2D surveillance/helicopter control radar, EO surveillance, LRADs and navigation radars.

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According to HHI, the six HDP-2200+ platforms for the Philippines Navy are armed with a 76 mm main gun and two 30 mm secondary guns without providing further details on the combat system.

The first OPV is planned to be delivered in 2025 and the full class of vessels is expected to follow at six months intervals till 2028. According to the Philippines Department of National Defence, the OPV project aims at enhancing the Philippines Navy maritime patrol capabilities. It includes technology transfer, particularly in terms of engineering operators and maintenance training, personnel training, technical publications and manuals.

HHI has already delivered to the Philippines Navy the two Jose Rizal-class frigates to be followed by two HDF-3100 corvettes ordered in 2021, to be delivered respectively in 2025 and 2026.

Photos courtesy L. Peruzzi