PAS19: MBDA looking at the 2020-2040+ timeframe

18 June 2019

By Paolo Valpolini

The ongoing fight between air platforms and ground based air defences is obliging aircraft to release their loads at longer distances. To help air forces penetrating enemy air defences MBDA has developed a series of systems looking at the short and medium term future that will exceed the capabilities of current airborne weapon systems. In terms of development time, the first one will be tactical strike systems, followed by deep strike ones, and finally by remote carriers. Two more domains will also be part of Future Air Combat weapon systems, air-to-air, as well as anti-missile hard kill systems.

The overarching idea is to exploit as much as possible networking, not only between air platforms or between air platforms and missiles, but also between missiles themselves, artificial intelligence being another key issue that will be part of the equation.

Considering the number of systems we decided to propose them to our readers split by domains of action, starting from those which might become realities in the short term, moving then to the right.

Tactical flexibility and swarm attack capability

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Striking deep

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Ahead of manned formations

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Future air-to-air effectors and self-defence systems

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