IAI Elta & Hensoldt Optronics announce collaboration on integrated communications and surveillance system for submarines

October 21, 2020- ELTA Systems, a subsidiary of Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI), and Hensoldt Optronics announce collaboration on an Integrated Communication and Surveillance (ICS) system for submarines. Targeted for Intelligence Surveillance and Reconnaissance (ISR) missions, the ICS is a fully integrated system combining HENSOLDT’s Optical Surveillance Optronics Mast OMS150 with ELTA’s SIGINT and SATCOM payloads.  During the past decade, there is an emerging trend in the operational world of submarines where the submarine is no longer a “stand-alone” platform involved in predefined missions, but rather an integrated part of a Naval Task Force. The demand is now for submarines to perform optical surveillance capability day and night and in all weather conditions, monitor radar and communication transmissions, and intelligence gathering. The resulting intelligence is sent through a secure tactical communication to a remote command.  These requirements have driven navies to procure more ISR sensors and high-reliability communication systems.  Typically, the sensors and communication systems would have to be installed on multiple masts, but ICS houses all the sensors within a single uniquely engineered mast to minimize the impact on the submarine’s stealth signature.

IAI VP and CEO of ELTA Yoav Tourgeman said “As part of ELTA’s new strategy, we are ramping up our collaborations with global business entities by leveraging our advanced technological experience and know-how accumulated over decades of defense operations. This collaboration will bring value to our customers by offering a unique, cost-effective, compact and high-utility solution”.

Director Sales Hensoldt Optronics Maritime, Harald Hansen states, “Providing a single integrated mast solution will truly satisfy our customers who are searching to enhance their submarines’ capabilities while being sensitive to the limited amount of space available and retaining a high degree of stealthiness.”

The ICS performs optical surveillance, radar warning and detection and monitoring of GPS, voice and other communicating transmissions between ships, land or airborne platforms. The data gathered in real time can provide the submarine’s crew vital information regarding the enemy’s exact location and current situation. It is equipped with a SATCOM and Laser system for secure communications.

The ICS will be displayed virtually at Euronaval 2020 exhibition at both Hensoldt and IAI booths.

Image courtesy IAI