IAI Releases Software Defined Radio System with Innovative Network Centric Operations Capability

Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI), through its defense electronics subsidiary, ELTA Systems, has announced the release of its new multi-mission ARC 840 Software Defined Radio – Network Centric Operations (SDR-NCO) system. The latest product in ELTA’s line of military airborne communications systems, SDR-NCO draws on decades of experience in the development of high-performance communications solutions, including advanced Line of Sight (LOS) and AESA satellite terminal systems.  

The SDR-NCO provides voice, video and data communications over a comprehensive frequency range including VHF, UHF and L-Bands. It is interoperable with a wide variety of existing military and commercial radios – allowing aircrews to communicate with forces on the ground, in the air, and on the sea, for effective collaboration across a diverse task force.

Going beyond communications, the SDR-NCO is designed to support advanced network applications such as Command and Control, navigation, video sharing, and more. It is fully compliant with the latest SCA 4.1 standard set by the Joint Tactical Networking Center, thereby ensuring future-proof application support. These applications enable the delivery of true multidomain NCO, enabling diverse forces to share information efficiently and achieve mission-critical situational awareness. SDR-NCO provides secure and immune communications, implementing COMSEC, TRANSEC frequency hopping support and LPI (Low Probability of Intercept) techniques, as well as multi-standard GNSS with a Rubidium clock for backup.

SDR-NCO features a flexible and modular architecture. It comprises two user-swappable RF modules, allowing the user to tailor the frequency band combinations that are required for each mission’s particular needs. Housed in a compact chassis that fits into the standard 1/2 ATR slot, SDR-NCO is designed for efficient integration with new platforms and allows for the easy upgrade of legacy communications systems.

Adi Dulberg, VP and GM of ELTA’s Intelligence, Communications and Electronic Warfare (EW) Division, said, “In the modern battlefield, forces operate in diverse coalitions. The key to mission success is effective collaboration, creating a joint situational awareness for all units in the task force. ELTA‘s SDR-NCO enables collaboration and Network-Centric Operations through effective communications and shared applications across units and domains.”

Photo courtesy IAI