IDEF19: FNSS and PT PINDAD sign serial production and cooperation agreement for medium-weight tank for Indonesian Land Forces

Paolo Valpolini

At around 15:00 of Day 1 at IDEF, the FNSS stand saw the signature of the Long-Term Cooperation Agreement for the Serial Production of the Kaplan MT Medium-Weight Class Tank, known as Harimau in Indonesia.

The document was signed by Prof.Dr. İsmail Demir, President of the Defence  Industries of Turkey, Vice-Admiral Agus Setiadji, Secretary General of the Indonesian Minstry of Defence, Mr. K. Nail Kurt, General Manager and CEO of FNSS, and Abraham Mose, Chief Executive Officer of PT Pindad.

The Kaplan MT/Harimau development phase has been completed, based on the cooperation agreement signed in 2015. The agreement signed at IDEF will allow the serial production of the vehicles to be carried out jointly by the two companies. The prototypes built successfully passed the Indonesian Army qualification tests, and currently the Kaplan MT is the only certified tank of this class available on the market, according to FNSS, the Ankara-based company looking at further export successes. The agreement with Indonesia covers the production of 18 tanks within the next two years.

Photo by Paolo Valpolini