IMC Industries to announce a new 100W rugged Flight Termination System (FTS) On Flight Or Ground Vehicles

9 September 2019. IMC Industries – a leading global provider of RF modules, microwave components, antennas and data link communication systems for defense and homeland security applications – is set to announce the launch of its new 100W rugged Flight Termination System (FTS) for termination unmanned vehicles over which control has been lost.

With this latest development, IMC provides a complete FTS and FTR solution which includes a ground unit that disables flight and destroys unmanned vehicles in the event that control is lost. Other features of the system include a receiver and antenna, a power amplifier up to 2kW enabling it to operate at very long range and overcome obstructions, and a verification receiver and logger, used to investigate an event. The company has also designed antennas for vehicles that can work at temperatures of up to 800°C for short time.

“Unmanned vehicles today are complex and change rapidly, so there is a need for a system that enables flight to be terminated and the platform to be neutralized in real time, when control over it has been lost,” says Adi Ayalon, VP of IMC Industries. “Leveraging IMC’s many years’ experience in broadcasting and recording, this system has been developed to have long-range capabilities and be operable in harsh conditions.”

The new FTS conforms with the requirements of the IRIG 313-01 standard, has an output power of 100W and operates in the 400MHz-450MHz frequency range. It joins IMC’s existing range of FTS units. On the command side, this includes exciters that operate in the 400MHz-450MHz frequency range, transmitting commands according to the IRIG 313-01 standard or private standard; power amplifiers that connect to the exciter with outputs ranging from 100W up to 2kW; and verification receivers and directional and omni-directional antennas suitable for this frequency range and output power.

Also at DSEI, IMC Industries will highlight data link, microwave and RF systems installed on a variety of military platforms, such as UAV & UGV systems, flight tests and missile experiments, training simulators, electronic warfare (EW) and radar systems, and aerospace systems.

DSEI 2019, September 10-13, London, Israel Pavilion, South Hall, S5-220