Indumil PRM Mobile Robotics Platform

Douglas Hernández

Indumil is a Colombian state company dedicated to the manufacture and marketing of weapons, ammunition and explosives, as well as being able to address special projects that contribute to national security and defence. As is the case with technologies for tactical and humanitarian demining.

In the war against drug trafficking and terrorism, the Colombian Armed Forces have had to face multiple tactics and unconventional weapons, including explosive traps, improvised explosive devices, and antipersonnel mines. The cost of producing and installing an IED is very low, while the cost of locating and neutralizing it is high. Not counting the lives lost by these unconventional weapons.

In this context, Indumil has developed a multipurpose robot, which can carry out missions such as neutralization of explosive devices, surveillance and recognition, as well as rescue and recovery of people, as it is able to drag a person of 80 kilos of weight, in ideal terrain conditions.

The Indumil Mobile Robotics Platform features rubber tracks and is powered by brushless DC motors, and is able to reach a maximum speed of 15 km/h.

The robot is operated at a maximum distance of 200 meters, via a console made of a computer with joystick, weighing only 2 kg. Designed to be used use outdoors, the autonomy of the control system and the robot is four hours of continuous operation. The robot has a front and a rear driving camera, another being fitted to the grip of the mechanical arm, all of them having a range of 30 meters and IR capacity. Its mechanical arm has a 5-axis movement and can be fitted with a disruptive cannon to neutralize explosive devices.

Photo by Paolo Valpolini