Israel Aerospace Industries Unveils STAR-X 3D Naval Radar for Offshore Patrol Vessels (OPVs)

Tel Aviv – July 28, 2022 – Israel Aerospace Industries’ (IAI) has unveiled the STAR-X 3D multi-mission naval radar, designed for Offshore Patrol Vessels (OPVs) and other small vessels. The STAR-X 3D naval radar is based on IAI’s ELTA pioneering AESA (Active Electronic Scanned Array) technology It performs simultaneous air and surface surveillance, and is designed for performing critical missions in Exclusive Economic Zones (EZZ) and beyond.

In an era of diverse spectrum of aerial threats and challenges to maritime security and sovereignty, Naval vessels need to be equipped with 3D surveillance capabilities as part of modern Naval Air & Missile defense.

Naval combat suites that include Strike capabilities as well, provide nations with the ability to defend their strategic interests at sea.

The newest member of IAI family of operationally proven naval radars, which are in service with naval forces worldwide, the STAR-X is a fully digital, 3D, high-performance AESA radar which leverages proven technology from other IAI-ELTA radars. The STAR-X has reduced overall dimensions and lower weight and power requirements, which provide a very cost-effective solution for naval radar technology. The versatile radar features robust, modular construction and fully digital software driven architecture. The STAR-X delivers low LCC (Life Cycle Cost) together with the cost-effective ability to implement future upgrades, mainly through software updates, ensuring the ability to evolve and address future threats.

Eyal Shapira, VP& GM Air Defense Radars and Naval Systems, said, “The STAR-X radar meets the growing demands for Radars designed for OPVs, to guard against a wide range of missions and threats including terrorism, smuggling, illegal fishing, SAR, and others. Whether engaged to protect critical offshore infrastructure or to assist in search and rescue operations, the STAR-X delivers significantly enhanced situational awareness in comparison to the legacy systems that have traditionally been fitted to this class of ship. IAI is proud of the capabilities we are bringing to this increasingly important class of vessel.”

Photos courtesy IAI