Leonardo’s Lionfish 12.7 Top defence systems selected to equip German Navy’s F126 class frigates

22 December 2022 – Leonardo’s LIONFISH® Top defence systems will come onboard the German Navy’s F126 new frigates. The turrets will strengthen the defence capabilities of the four frigates, with the addition of two optional units, complementing the company’s OTO 127/64 Lightweight (LW) Vulcano naval guns, which recently have been selected for the same class-frigates. In addition, the new agreement includes the supply of simulators for crew training, mainteinance activities and logistic support.

The LIONFISH® Top is one of the 12.7mm versions of LIONFISH® family of remote-controlled naval turrets, which includes a 20mm model, designed and developed in-house by Leonardo. The “Top” version stands out for a high level of stealth architecture, as well as a low weight not exceeding 300 kg accompanied by a large number of ready to fire rounds.

Efficacy and accuracy even at great distances are guaranteed by the use of an uncooled, or optionally cooled (selected for F126), infrared sensor which is integrated in Leonardo’s Mini Colibrì optics system, common to the whole family. LIONFISH® Top is able to autonomously calculating the firing solution and engaging fast-moving, maneuvering and extremely close threats, even when installed on high-speed platforms, thanks to a high performance auto tracking system.

Leonardo has conceived these tailor-made technologies capable of dealing with any type of threats, including uncrewed systems, and a broad set of applications, like border control, maritime traffic interdiction, law enforcement and self-protection. Modularity, low weight and common architecture are the main features of the whole family, which allow it to be installed and easily used on board any platform, without the need to modify the deck, both as a primary and secondary defence system.

This is just one of the latest achievements of the LIONFISH® family, which just two years after its launch has conquered the market; all versions of the family have already been contracted by several navies worldwide.

Photo courtesy Leonardo