Dubai Air Show 2023 – Mac Jee’s Anshar, the God of Celestial Horizon

David Oliver

At the Dubai Airshow the Brazilian company Mac Jee, exhibited for the first time on the international market the Anshar, its new kamikaze drone. The result of its own investments in research and innovation, the Anshar was developed in Brazil to meet the requirements of modern war doctrines, reinforcing Mac Jee’s product offering for allied nations

With a name referring to Babylonian mythology, Anshar is the god of the celestial horizon, the new kamikaze drone represents a leap in technology and capacity for Brazil’s defence industry base. Anshar reaches a speed of 170 m/s (612 km/h), with a minimum sea skimming altitude of 10 metres and a maximum altitude of 8,000 metres, a range capacity of 100 km and one hour of flight autonomy. The Anshar has a maximum take-off weight of 160 kg, carrying a payload of 20 kg and fuel weight of 46 kg.

“Anshar was developed to fly at high altitude and high speed, with excellent manoeuvrability and integration of a wide variety of payloads,” says Simon Jeannot, President and Founder of the Mac Jee group. “We used our knowledge and resources to develop a low operational cost solution, with a simplified manufacturing and maintenance process, to guarantee the Air Forces of allied nations the conditions to fulfil their duty with the best results,” comments the executive.

The product is in advanced development and will be produced at Mac Jee facilities in Vale do Paraíba region, in the state of São Paulo. Mac Jee is committed to developing new solutions that are increasingly electronic and even use Artificial Intelligence. “It’s a natural step, we will never stop innovating, always following our strong ethical conduct”, guarantees Jeannot.

Image courtesy Mac Jee