LIMA 2023 – Malaysian LMS Phase 2 programme: Dearsan proposes its C 92

Paolo Valpolini

Among the many proposals for the incoming LMS programme, three of them come from Turkey, one being that of Dearsan that proposes its C 92 corvette

Dearsan, the Istanbul-based Turkish shipyard, is promoting its C 92 corvette for the Malaysian LMS (Littoral Mission Ship) Phase 2 tender.

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In May 2019 an agreement was signed with Turkmenistan for the build of one C 92. This also included the creation of a joint venture, the Gulhan & Dearsan, to build the ship, which was commissioned on August 11, 2021, and named Dentz Han.

The ship being proposed to Malaysia has a major difference compared to the aforementioned Dents Han, as it features a helicopter hangar (not present in images). The superstructure was therefore modified in order to allow an AW139 helicopter to be recovered in the hangar, while the flight deck can host up to an 11-tonne class helicopter. 2 rigid-hull inflatable boats can also be carried.

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The C 92 is 91.4 metres long, has a beam of 13.3 metres, and a draft of 3.8 metres. Its overall displacement is 1,850 tonnes. Powered by four diesel engines activating two shaft fitted with controllable pitch propellers, the maximum speed is over 28 knots. At the cruise speed of 14 knots its range is of 4,000 NM. The ship complement is 117.

With an all-steel hull and a steel-aluminium superstructure, The C 92 corvette has the typical layout of such class of surface ships, with the aft flight deck followed by the superstructure where we find, before the main block hosting the bridge, a space for two couples of antiship/surface missile launchers, Kongsberg NSM being proposed by the shipyard. Beside the Leonardo 76 mm gun installed at the bow we find a low superstructure hosting the vertical launch system for air defence missiles, which can host eight weapons in two rows of four. Here Dearsan proposes two solutions, the VL MCA by MBDA or the South Korean LIG Nex1 M-SAM (Mid-range Surface to Air Missile). Lacroix of France provides the decoy system. Over the hangar deck a Leonardo 30 Marlin provides coverage against fast attack craft or slow air movers.

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The C 92 is fitted wit a full sensors suite, the principal one being the air and surface 3D surveillance radar. The C 92 covers most missions, with the exception of anti-submarine warfare.

Considering the local production of the Turkmenistan corvette, Dearsan is ready to eventually set up a similar agreement with Malaysia, should its proposal be selected for the LMS bid.

Images courtesy Dearsan. Photo P. Valpolini