MBDA MICA for Malaysian LCS

For MBDA the 2018 edition of DSA was marked by the signature of a Letter of Intent for Mica missiles that will arm the Royal Malaysian Navy new Litoral Combat Ship (LCS), a total of 12 being planned while only half have been financed until now. Based on the French Gowind 2500 design, the first of class, the Maharaja Lela, was launched in August 2017 and should enter service in mid 2019. The LoI was signed with the MoD, MBDA having already been contracted by Boustead Naval Shipyard for providing the launchers and associated equipment.

For short range naval air defence MBDA is proposing its Simbad-RC, a cost effective solution that is also considered a programme with good offset contents due to its simple integration. The European missile company is following closely the developments of the future Multi Role Combat Aircraft programme for the Royal Malaysian Air Force, although this seems to have been moved once again to the right; the company products are aboard two of the contenders, the Eurofighter and the Rafale.

MBDA is also looking at the replacement of some of its missile systems already in service in Malaysia. One of those is the Sea Skua, used on board RMN Sea Lynx 300; the Sea Venom, which first launch took place in July 2017, is proposed as a possible successor. As for GBAD, Malaysia has in service the Jernas short-range system, which was acquired in 2002; looking at the future MBDA is proposing its EMADS (Enhanced Modular Air Defence Solutions) that is being developed to replace British Rapiers. Other MBDA products such as the MM40B2 and the SM39 Exocet missiles are already in service with the RMN.

MBDA intends to sustain its position in Malaysia, while expanding its business in the geographic area.