Monaco Maritime Police Patrol Vessel launched

Viareggio, 20th October 2020 – The first Fast Patrol Vessel that will be used by the Police Maritime of the Principality of Monaco was officially launched this morning in Viareggio, where she was transported after her construction in the Effebi shipyard in Massa-Avenza. A large delegation from the Principality of Monaco attended the launch: Patrice Cellario, Minister of the Interior, Richard Marangoni, Director of the Police, with Regis Bastide, Deputy Director, Isabelle Castelli, Director of the Maritime Police, with Audrey Corentin, Chief of Administration and Educational Division. As well as, Giorgio del Ghingaro, Mayor of Viareggio and Katia Balducci, Managing Director of Effebi Spa, with Fabio Bonaccorsi, Head of Operations Military Division of Effebi S.p.A.

Giuseppe and Maurizio Balducci – respectively the founder and the CEO of the Overmarine Group – also took part in the event.

The boat, a Fast Patrol vessel in RINA Class, was built in line with the Effebi standards and combines innovative solutions and high comfort. Her hull has a length of 22 meters, a LOA of 23,80 meters and a beam of 5,60 meters with a full load displacement of approximately 60 tons. Specifically designed as a fast boat for coastal cruising, she quickly reaches a speed of 30 knots and is equipped with two 1342 kW marine diesel engines with conventional propeller propulsion as well as 2 Bow-Thrusters to assist with manoeuvring, both during mooring and emergency operations.

As requested by the Shipowner, the Fast Patrol Vessel is equipped with a self-propelled aft platform for the recovery of survivors from the sea, a sophisticated water system to extinguish fires on boats, an infirmary room for the first aid and all the living spaces needed for a crew of six people.

“Although this vessel is designed for the Police, with particular attention paid to the safety equipment, she has refined fittings and uses environmentally-friendly solutions which are very similar to the green philosophies adopted by the Principality in recent years”, said Katia Balducci.

The Effebi shipyard has just delivered the first Hybrid Propulsion Patrol Boat for the ‘117’ surveillance and public utility service in the Venice Lagoon and is currently engaged in the construction of the first 44 meters Coastal Patrol vessel, also for the Guardia di Finanza.

Images courtesy Effebi