NBC Sys: not only military

When we come to the CBRN protection field, risks and threats are not only coming from the military use of aggressive agents, but also from industrial hazards and other sources. Protecting people from those threats is thus not solely limited to uniformed people, and even among them differences exist in terms of requirements. NBC Sys, part of the French Nexter Group, developed numerous solutions for infantrymen, such as the one adopted by the French FELIN future soldier system currently in service and combat proven in Afghanistan and Mali.

A version of that breathing equipment, with a lighter blower, was specifically designed for Special Forces. However at SOFEX the system highlighted in the company booth was the FRH 16, First Responder Hood. This overpressure hood provides a much wider field of view to the operator, 82% of the FoV without respirator, and can be used with glasses and beard as well as with a veil, something to be considered in the Middle East; the visibility also allows to make eye contact with the rescued person, thus it is proposed in the military for medical service units.

A double filter is installed on the breathing unit allowing to provide 120 litres per minute and to provide 6 hours protection against steam and aerosol and 2 hours against liquids, battery life being 6 hours. The FRH 16 can be linked to a Camelback device, which allows to increase the effective time of operation, and as option can be fitted with a cable connection to a smartphone. The hood and breathing device have a total weight of 3.3 kg.