Nexter artillery and weapon systems are on display at ShieldAfrica 2017

Abidjan, 25 January 2017 – Nexter is present at the 2017 edition of ShieldAfrica which takes place in Abidjan from 24 to 26 January.

With two centuries’ of experience and internationally-recognized expertise, Nexter ranks amongst the world’s top five weapon and artillery systems manufacturers. The group relies notably on its perfect mastery of the weapon/ammunition combination and offers a comprehensive range of products for equipping artillery battalions ranging from guns to ammunition and from portable ballistic computers (BACARA®) to fire control systems (FINDART®).

The CAESAR® 155mm wheeled self-propelled howitzer, deployed by the French SERVAL operation in Mali, as well as in Lebanon, Afghanistan and Iraq, is recognized worldwide as being the best compromise between the simplicity of towed artillery and the mobility of a self-propelled system. CAESAR® is not only extremely accurate and highly mobile for evading counter-battery fire, but also has the lowest life costs of any mobile artillery system on the market. In service with the armed forces of France, Indonesia, Thailand and those of a Middle Eastern country, over 270 CAESAR® systems have already been produced. They have fired in excess of 80,000 rounds and travelled more than a million kilometers. A model of CAESAR® is on display at the Nexter stand.

Next to it is a model of the 105 LG1 towed 105mm artillery system, deployable from a lightweight vehicle, a helicopter or even air-droppable. The 105 LG1 howitzer is the world’s lightest 105mm assault artillery weapon and is ideal for providing supporting fire to rapid reaction forces. The 105 LG1 is in service with the armed forces of Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia, Belgium, Canada and Colombia.

Land, air-land and naval weapon systems that rely on the famous Nexter 20mm cannon, such as the P20 (armament for lightweight vehicles), the POD NC621 (Pod cannon for helicopters and light aircraft) the NARWHAL® (the remotely-operated and stabilized naval gun turret), or the 15A/15B (lightweight naval mounting) are also taking pride of place on the stand.

Find Nexter and its products on stand EX-260