Nexter at the Defense and Security Equipment International (DSEI) exhibition

Satory, September the 9th, 2019 – Nexter, a KNDS company, European leader in land defense, is present at Defense and Security Equipment International (DSEI) from September 10 to 13, 2019 at London Docklands.

Architect and system integrator, Nexter will showcase its know-how on the KNDS stand by proposing solutions, equipment and ammunition that meet the needs of armed and security forces.

The Nexter Group

Nexter offers versatile, reliable and innovative solutions that meet the operational requirements of its customers. The group has a range from armored vehicles to artillery systems and also masters strategic sub-assemblies, such as weapon systems and ammunition or robots and embedded electronic systems.

Nexter is fully mobilized to meet the challenges of the SCORPION program, through the development of the new VBMR-GRIFFON armored vehicles (in production), EBRC-JAGUAR, Lightweight VBMR-SERVAL, the renovation of LECLERC MBTs and the future SCORPION increments.

Nexter has a strong international presence, with numerous export successes, such as CAESAR® 8×8 sold to Denmark, the CaMo program with Belgium and the TITUS® armored vehicle acquired by the Czech Republic. The group continues to develop its commercial presence throughout the world with 52% of the order intake in 2018 intended for the export market.

Nexter and BAE Systems: a 26 Years Old Collaboration

On the industrial side, the relationship between Nexter and BAE Systems is part of the exceptional dynamic of Franco-British cooperation in the field of defense. The two companies, leaders in their respective countries, are thus celebrating the 26th anniversary of their CTAI joint venture. This collaboration has led to the development and commercial success of the 40CTA gun and 40mm cased telescoped ammunition, a real revolution in this sector.

To further illustrate this fruitful cooperation, at DSEI 2019 CTAI will be present on both Nexter and BAE Systems stands.

Products Showcased at DSEI 2019

Nexter will focus on two of its systems for this 2019 edition of DSEI.

First of all, a copy of the 8×8 VBCI armored vehicle equipped with a 40mm CTA turret. This version of the famous armored vehicle in service in the French armée de Terre represents the very best in wheeled combat vehicles. It benefits from increased protection, an even more powerful engine, additional carrying capacity and – last but not least – exceptional firepower thanks to the new T40 CTA turret, firing 40mm cased telescoped ammunition. This gun has already won over the French, Belgian (on EBRC-JAGUAR) and British (on Warrior and Ajax) armies.

CAESAR® 8×8 self-propelled artillery system will also be displayed on the stand in mock-up format. It is an opportunity for visitors to discover or rediscover a revolutionary system, whose 155mm gun is combat proven in the French armed forces (CAESAR® 6×6). Highly modular, the CAESAR® 8×8 can carry a wide range of equipment according to operational needs (secondary weapons, electronic countermeasures, smoke, fuel reserves, etc.). It can also carry up to 36 complete ammunition and offers a high level of ballistic protection (up to level 3), mine action (level 2A and 2B) and anti-IED. Finally, it has an automatic shell reloading system, whose speed can be configured (semi-automatic to automatic). This advanced artillery system won over the Danish ground forces, who ordered 19 CAESAR® 8×8 (15 to be delivered in early 2020, 4 more in 2023).

Visitors will also be able to discover the SCORPION program vehicles – VBMR-GRIFFON, EBRC-JAGUAR, Lightweight VBMR-SERVAL and LECLERC XLR – whose models will be displayed on the KNDS stand. Nexter will also present some of the group’s innovative solutions such as the FINDMP® touch table, the FINDART® fire support system, the NERVA® robots with their payloads and various equipment: the Episcope on many armored vehicles and the BATCAM® high-resolution day/night camera.

Find Nexter and its experts on KNDS stand S8-240