OCCAR: FSAF/PAAMS programme – important progress on sustainment & enhancement and in-service support activities

22 January 2019 – The end of 2018 saw a number a number of important milestones identified in the Programme Management Plan achieved by the FSAF-PAAMS Programme:

For the Sustainment & Enhancement Programme:

Positive completion of the System Preliminary Design Review (PDR) for SAMP/T B1 NT, a key milestone to freeze the technical specification of a number of the elements of SAMP/T including the Firing Control Unit (FCU), Ground launcher system and new Aster B1NT munition.  As a system of systems, the PDRs for the Aster 30 B1NT (already started), launcher and FCU will follow up to spring 2019. SAMP/T B1NT is intended to increase the capabilities of the system and prepare the mid-life upgrade of French and Italian SAMP/T sections,
Launch of the development and qualification of a new generation of telemetry kit, a package of work that will allow the French Forces to sustain their capacity to live fire Aster munitions under exercise conditions from both naval and ground FSAF/PAAMS systems until the 2030s. A contract amendment for Italy to join the work package is anticipated in 2019 with the procurement of the first new telemetry kits to begin in 2020.
Commencement of the development of a Joint Range Extension Application Protocol (JREAP) that will provide a new capability to the French Air Force by connecting a SAMP/T platoon to an operative network using JREAP-C protocol. This capability will improve the interoperability with NATO and include InfoSec solutions.

For In-Service Support:

Placement of a fixed price repair package for the next 4 years to support Italian SAMP/T systems in operational service. This follows on from the successful completion of the first year of 5 of a similar work package for French SAMP/T systems that has achieved operational as well as financial benefits.

The achievement of these milestones cut across all the operations of the FSAF-PAAMS Programme Division, and achieved by close working with Nations, Industry and OCCAR-EA Central Office.

Photo (c) Sebastien Chenal