OCCAR: Night Vision Capability Operational Testing and Acceptance campaign successfully completed

21 April 2022 – The Operational Testing and Acceptance (OT&A) campaign of the Night Vision Goggle (NVG) MIKRON was successfully concluded end of February 2022. During this campaign, the NVG’s contractually required performance capabilities, its resistance to different harsh environmental conditions as well as its suitability in various tactical scenarios was confirmed by Bundeswehr Technical Centres as well as Belgian and German military users.

OCCAR’s selection decision for the NVG MIKRON proved to be an excellent choice as the MIKRON showed overall excellent results in the tests conducted.

Some of the tests and training activities were already reported by the Belgian and German Armed Forces, see links below (in German and French/Dutch):

Just recently on 12 April 2022, the Initial In-Service Support (ISS) for the MIKRON operated by the Belgian Armed Forces was launched. With the start of this industry maintenance programme, another significant milestone has been achieved by the NVC Programme. The consortium HENSOLDT-THEON will provide full maintenance and repair services to the Belgian NVGs at HENSOLDT facilities in Wetzlar (Germany).

Photo courtesy Belgian Defence – © Gert-Jan