NAREW will strengthen the defense of the Polish sky this year

04/14/2022 – “We draw conclusions from what is happening beyond our eastern border. It is very clear that the Ukraine attacked by Russia is defending bravely, but it is defending itself because it is prepared to defend itself. We can see how important a role in the defense process is the possibility of air and anti-aircraft defense. Hence, we have significantly accelerated the provision of elements of the Narew short-range air defense system to equip the Polish Army, ”said Mariusz Błaszczak, Minister of National Defense, during a press conference.

On Thursday, April 14 this year. at the headquarters of the Ministry of National Defense in Warsaw, the head of the Ministry of Defense approved the contract for the supply of short-range air defense elements under the Narew program. The parties to the contract are the State Treasury represented by the Armaments Agency and the PGZ-Narew consortium.

In cooperation with the domestic and foreign defense industry, a decision was made to acquire elements of the CAMM effector system and their further integration with Polish components. As a result of the contract, two fire units of the short-range air defense system will be acquired, the first of which will be delivered to the Polish Armed Forces in September this year. The second fire unit will be delivered at the turn of 2022 and 2023. Along with air defense systems, the contract provides for the acquisition of a training and logistics package and support for the contractor in the operation of military equipment.

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“We can clearly see that Polish Pioruns, i.e. very short-range anti-aircraft weapons, work well in Ukraine. Patriots have their reputation established in the world. This year, the first Patriot sets will be used by the Polish Army. In September this year. the first fire unit of the Narew system will be used by the Polish army, and the second at the turn of the year. We missed just this intermediate level and this is the level we provide” – emphasized the minister.

The hardware configuration of one fire unit, defined in the agreement approved today, will be based on appropriately adapted elements, including the SŁA radar capable of being deployed, Polish-made weapon control devices, transport and loading vehicles, three iLauncher launchers and the appropriate number of CAMM missiles, ensuring the required by the Polish Armed Forces. operational capacity.

The above completion, although it is not the final configuration of the NAREW system fire unit, will allow for a revolutionary change in the field of defense of Polish airspace in a short time by using multi-channel short-range anti-aircraft systems (each of which has several targeting channels, which will enable fighting multiple targets at the same time).

The head of the Ministry of National Defense emphasized that the acceleration of system deliveries is possible thanks to good cooperation with both the British partner and the domestic defense industry.

“The acceleration of deliveries results mainly from very good cooperation with the British partner, the producer of CAMM missiles and launchers, which are used by the Polish Army. It also results from very good cooperation with the Polish arms industry, because these launchers will be placed on Jelcz, Polish-made trucks. Polish Soła radars will play an important role in this system. We wanted to add this short-range element to the multi-layer anti-aircraft defense system in the shortest possible time” – he said.

NAREW (acquisition of short-range anti-aircraft missile batteries) is one of the priorities of the Technical Modernization Program of the Polish Armed Forces. The program provides for the extensive use of the Polish defense industry and technology transfer.

Source Polish MoD