Programmable EO/IR Seeker Emulator for Electronic Defence Countermeasures effectiveness assessment

Trieste, August 5th, 2020 INSIS, a Fincantieri Group company, has been awarded, under the restricted procedure, the European tender for the supply of a programmable EO/IR (electro-optical/infrared) seeker emulator for Electronic Defence systems countermeasures effectiveness assessment.

The supply, requested by the Italian Ministry of Defence – Secretariat General of Defence / National Armaments Directorate (SGD-DNA) – General Directorate of Naval Armaments (NAVARM) – 3rd Department (Combat Systems) – 8th Division – Surface Systems and Weapons – involves the design and development of a support system for verification and validation of techniques to defend against electro-optical/infrared (EO/IR) guided missiles, represented by countermeasures such as flares and DIRCM systems combined with evasive manoeuvres actuated by Italian Navy ships.

The system, composed of a multi-sensor gyro-stabilized hardware unit, transportable aboard naval ships or deployable in firing ranges, integrated with a software component developed ad hoc for simulation of engagement and tracking techniques typical of various types of missile seekers, will enable assessment of a scenario in which a missile threat, simulated primarily by the system in question, is directed at a naval ship under test.

The system will also be designed to support verification and validation of anti-air missile countermeasure systems installed onboard self-protected aircraft or helicopters.

The programme will have an overall duration of about 30 months and will end with the performance of field test campaigns carried out in collaboration with the Italian Navy’s Naval Experimentation and Support Centre (CSSN-ITE) based in Livorno.

Notional picture courtesy US DoD