RUAG identifies further major potential for F-5 MRO services in the European market

Emmen, 07/19/2023 – RUAG and Tactical Air Support (Tactical Air) have been linked by a strategic partnership for a year now. As a subcontrac-tor, RUAG has been performing specific MRO services on the F-5 air-craft as well as the overhaul of the associated engines and selected structural work for the US Navy as part of the “ARTEMIS” project. The US Navy acquired the aircraft from the Swiss Air Force around three years ago.

Tactical Air is a US civilian company that provides commercial air services, tactical aviation training and aircraft engineering/upgrade solutions for its customers, which include the US Air Force, the US Navy and the US Marine Corps. RUAG has been in continuous exchange with Tactical Air for many years and has built up the relationship significantly. Just a year ago, the contract for the ARTEMIS project was signed. “With this contract, we are laying the foun-dation for a mutually profitable and further expandable partnership,” said Philippe Erni, Vice President Marketing & Sales, at the time.

This critically important contract for the US Navy is only the beginning of our strategic part-nership with Tactical Air. In parallel, we have analyzed the potential for dedicated fast jet “Red Air” adversary support on the European market and are convinced that we can also provide the European air forces with unique and valuable services. A key element of this business model are the over 100 F-5 aircraft still in service in 18 countries around the world. They have proven to be reliable fighter aircraft and platform for cost-effective air combat training as well as target practice.

Thanks to our many years of experience and expertise, RUAG can offer our proven quality services to ensure that the F-5 aircraft maintain a high level of availability despite their ad-vanced age. We can additionally make sure that the necessary upgrades are carried out and the aircraft can continue to be operated safely. In this way, we not only demonstrate our global competitiveness, but also create tangible tactical benefits for our main customer, the Swiss Armed Forces and its Air Force, through the continued preservation of knowledge at no additional cost.

Photo courtesy RUAG