Saab Unveils New Training Solutions

2 December 2019 – During the training and simulation event I/ITSEC 2019 in Orlando, FL, USA, Saab reveals Beyond Live, the latest iteration of military training where traditional live is blended with traditional virtual training, adding new weapon types to the training field; such as solutions for indirect fire, non-line-of-sight capabilities and Mixed Reality exercise control.

Beyond Live training combines the realism of high accuracy live training together with virtual training. For the first time, Saab is demonstrating non-line-of-sight capabilities such as “fire & observe” missiles. These new indirect fire solutions are integrated with the exercise control “EXCON” where the users can plan, execute, control and evaluate military training exercises. A new function in EXCON is Microsoft’s HoloLens Sandbox, which enables a real-time 3D tracking of every participant in the exercise. The One World Terrain from Vricon provide photo-realistic 3D maps.

“By combining the technical benefits from a combination of traditional live and virtual training and blending this, Saab is able to provide the next step of training capability to our customers with even more effective training and simulation capabilities. Our Sandbox is a revolution, it literally opens up a whole new dimension for after action review and analyse of training activities,” says Åsa Thegström, head of business unit Training & Simulation at Saab’s business area Dynamics. Saab’s business unit Training & Simulation develops, manufactures and markets advanced military training equipment, such as laser simulator systems, instrumented training systems and targetry equipment. It also provides service and maintenance for delivered systems.

Photos courtesy Saab