Safran selected to provide the electro optic sensor for the situational awareness system on SEA1180 contract

Sydney, Australia, September 4, 2018

Saab Australia has selected Safran Electronics & Defense Australasia to provide the electro-optic sensor as part of the situational awareness system for the 12 Offshore Patrol Vessels (OPVs) SEA1180 Project. This Electro Optic Sensor is the Vigy Engage system in its latest version.

Developed and produced by Safran Electronics & Defense, Vigy Engage is a light, panoramic, multi-sensor shipboard electro-optic system. It includes a cooled infrared imager, video channels and a laser rangefinder. Employing advanced stabilization techniques, it provides clear images day or night, including in rough seas and at high speed.

Vigy Engage is recognized worldwide for its robustness, high-quality images, ease of use, compact design, light weight and easy integration. More than 300 Vigy Engage systems have been sold worldwide.

Capable of detecting long range targets, Vigy Engage will provide a decisive advantage to the Royal Australian Navy (RAN) in the asymmetrical environments: protection of ports and infrastructures, maritime police, anti-terrorist and anti-piracy combat. It also provides invaluable assistance in missions designed to protect fishing and economic zones, navigation aid, and assistance to ships and crews at sea.

This new success will enable Safran Electronics & Defense Australasia to continue to reinforce its footprint in Australia and to continue building its team through local employment. “Safran Electronics & Defense Australasia (SEDA) is proud to sign this contract with Saab Australia. This confirms the Australian presence of Safran, the entire team at SEDA is greatly appreciative of the trust engendered in this award”, said Mark Sander Chief Operating Officer (COO) for Safran Electronics & Defense Australasia.