Paolo Valpolini

Following a year deprived of meeting opportunities, in 2021 defence exhibition  are trying to restart albeit uncertainties remain due to COVID variants that are putting at risk the ease of containment measures in many countries. One of the first opportunities for meeting again in presence was provided by SOFINS, the Special Operations Forces Innovation Network Seminar, organised by the Cèrcle de l’Arbalète at Camp de Souges, north of Bordeaux, which took place from June 29th to July 1st. Numerous delegations attended the events, which on the last day saw the demonstration by French SF units belonging to the COS, the Commandement des Opérations Spéciales, the joint SF HQ.

Exhibitors ranged  from major defence companies to newly-born start-ups, as well as research institutes. Command and control systems, communications, intelligence systems, sensors, effectors, manned and unmanned mobility vehicles, where exhibited in the stands, some of them being also demonstrated on test grounds.

EDR On-Line picked up some of the novelties shown at SOFINS, trying to provide some added value to its readers.

Cyberprotection for Thales night vision systems

Institut Saint-Louis: short-loop force-inducted innovations

High-tech/low TRL innovations from Institut Saint-Louis

Saab, a new HE round for the Carl Gustaf

Device-Alab: thermal imaging gaining momentum

Safran unveils Geonyx M for naval applications

A multirole ULTRO UGV by Nexter

A laser against UAVs from CILAS

Mini Hecate 2 in 375 Swiss P from PGM Précision

Aeraccess Falconet nano-UAV, an SA asset for the individual soldier

Stamina UGV Aurochs: a purposely-designed UGV from Institut Saint-Louis

Teamworking: Novadem NX 160 with Proengin AP4C+ chemical detector, but not only