South Korea Army test the Guardian-Aspis RWS from Escribano in its Hyundai Rotem UGV

Madrid 17th January 2022. The Spanish leading defense and engineering company Escribano Mechanical & Engineering has been selected to equip the first three Hyundai Rotem 6X6 UGV demonstrators with its GUARDIAN – ASPIS RWS.

The South Korea Army is testing the system in real operation condition, and it is showing its reliability. 

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GUARDIAN-ASPIS is the lightest remote weapon station on the market. With less than 90kg., this 2-axis gyro-stabilized system is capable to operate both on day and night missions thanks to its cutting – edge electro optical sensors by ESCRIBANO M&E Combining an advanced fire and aiming system, the modular design of GUARDIAN – ASPIS allows mount a wide range of weapons, from 5,56 to 7,62mm. machine guns. It has been specially designed to be integrated on different types of platforms and vehicles, turning the GUARDIAN – ASPIS in a high cost-effective defense system against asymmetric threats and RPA’s.

Other integrations

Counting with a consolidated expertise integrating remote weapon stations and electro optical systems in other UGV and USV platform, ESCRIBANO M&E works with different internationally and nationally renowned companies to offer different unmanned solutions with chain platforms, such as the THEMIS vehicle from the Estonian company “MILREM Robotics”, or the 8×8 Mission Master wheeled platform collaborating with the Rheinmetall company such as the UGV MUTT from General Dynamics European Land Systems – Santa Bárbara Sistemas.

ESCRIBANO M&E has also developed the naval ASPIS RWS version: SENTINEL ASPIS. The same operativity but adapted to sea environment. It has been integrated on USVs. The advance technology integrated in the systems allows day and night multipurpose missions in hard climate conditions or brave waters near to the coast.

ESCRIBANO M&E manufactures and designs its products with a clear commitment to offering the most innovative and creative solutions for the defense sector consolidating its international presence.

Photos courtesy Escribano