Sweden joins 6×6 vehicle research and development programme

1 June 2022 – Sweden has decided to join the research and development programme of the common armoured 6×6 vehicle system (CAVS programme). The agreement was signed by the Swedish materiel administration (FMV), the Ministry of Defence of Finland, the Ministry of Defence of Latvia and Patria.

Sweden is the third country to join the research and development phase of this inter-governmental programme, which was initiated by Finland and Latvia in 2021. The Finnish-Latvian joint 6×6 vehicle programme proceeds on schedule as Patria has already delivered over ten Patria 6×6 armoured wheeled vehicles to Latvia.

The 6×6 armoured vehicle system development will be performed by Patria, which has more than four decades of experience from developing and delivering state-of-the-art protected troop transportation. Patria 6×6 is built on the heritage of the legendary Patria XA series as well as on the success of Patria AMV, both vehicle types currently in use by the Swedish Armed Forces. While Patria 6×6 is primarily designed for troop transport, the vehicle is modular and can be configured for a wide range of different roles.

“We welcome Sweden into this CAVS programme, which will provide the Swedish Armed Forces with the latest protected troop transport technology as well as further increase the affordability of the system for all member nations. Patria has successfully worked with the Swedish Armed Forces and FMV in many programs over the years, and we are really looking forward to getting their competence and experience into the CAVS programme”, says Mats Warstedt, Head of Market Area Nordics at Patria.

Photo courtesy Patria