The DGA received all NX70 micro-drones aimed at French land forces

7 October 2019 – The General Armaments Directorate (DGA) has received this summer the last of the 27 NX70 micro-UAV systems ordered from Novadem.

In total, more than 50 NX70 air vehicles [1] were delivered to the ground forces after evaluation by the Army Technical Section. Discreet, easily and quickly deployed, this micro-UAV will effectively contribute to the proximity intelligence of the units by its extensive performance, thus enhancing their close protection and keep the tactical ascendancy on the opponent.

The Army General Staff had issued in October 2018 a UOR for a micro-drones aimed at French troops deployed downrange. This followed a feedback from the use of commercial micro-UAVs that had demonstrated their operational interest as well as the need to improve their performances, particularly in terms of detection capacity and resistance to jamming. The DGA has conducted this operation in less than a year.

The NX70 micro-drone from Novadem weighs less than a kilo and features an all-weather resistance capability (wind, rain, dust, extended temperature range). It is fitted with high-performance cameras, allowing high definition images to be transmitted securely, several kilometers away from the operator. Its small size makes it easily transportable by the dismounted fighter. It will notably be used to equip platoons and combat companies of the battle groups engaged in Operation Barkhane, and completes the Army drone capability in support of each tactical level.

[1] A system consists of two aerial vectors (drone) and a ground control station

Unofficial translation by EDR On-Line

Photos courtesy MBDA