The Grant Agreement: FAMOUS consortium led by Patria to start the development of the next generation armoured vehicles

17.12.2021 – Patria, as the industrial coordinator of consortium FAMOUS (European Future Highly Mobile Augmented Armoured Systems), has signed the Grant Agreement (GA) with the European Commission. This funding agreement is worth 9 million euros and allows the consortium, which includes 19 leading defence companies from across the EU, to start development work of the next generation armoured vehicles. The FAMOUS consortium’s Kick-Off day was held on December 14, 2021 when the programme was officially launched together with European Commission, Participating Member States representatives and companies.

 “It is great to have this project and its development work now officially underway. This FAMOUS consortium is a unique and innovative approach to develop areas of next generation technology that can be utilized in a variety of armoured vehicles and systems – eventually in actual use”, says Jussi Järvinen, President of Patria’s Land Business Unit.

The FAMOUS consortium operates under the European Defence Industrial Development Programme (EDIDP), which is a programme designed to support the competitiveness and innovation capacity of the Union’s defence industry, in the perspective of the next coming steps in the context of the European Defence Fund (EDF). The FAMOUS programme aims to develop future technologies and performances that enhance ground combat capabilities in the areas of mobility, hybrid operation, power generation and energy storage, such as well as security systems, situational awareness, robotics, C4I solutions, weapon systems and modern life cycle support solutions.

Members of the FAMOUS consortium are:
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