The Netherlands selects Naval Group for its Submarine Replacement program

Paris, 15 March 2024 – Naval Group has been selected by The Netherlands Ministry of Defence for the Replacement Netherlands Submarine Capability project, based on the Barracuda family expeditionary submarines. This award decision concludes a stringent selection process and opens a period of exclusive discussions leading to the signature of a contract. The Group is eager to engage in the execution of this important project with its Dutch and European partners.

Naval Group is honoured by the award decision expressed by the Netherlands Ministry of Defence (MOD). This decision commits the group to implement a full-scale strategic partnership with the Netherlands aimed at supporting the Royal Netherlands Navy submarine service and at intensifying cooperation with the Netherlands’ MOD, industry and R&D partners.

“We are extremely honored to have been selected by the Netherlands following a hard competition and to be involved in this project of strategic importance.

The Barracuda family submarine will provide the Royal Netherlands Navy with extended leading edge capabilities satisfying the requirements set by the Netherlands Ministry of Defence. We look forward to start working closely with our Dutch partners to successfully execute this major program which contributes to the strategic autonomy of the Netherlands.” – Pierre Éric Pommellet, Chairman and CEO of Naval Group.

The Barracuda family capabilities

The Barracuda family selected by the Netherlands Ministry of Defence is a latest-generation submarine which will support and reinforce existing naval forces. Thanks to their extensive operational capabilities and the latest technologies, theses submarines will keep playing a key role in protecting the country’s territorial waters and the sea lines of communication, which are key to the liberty of trade.

Naval Group thankfully acknowledges the Netherlands choice for its expeditionary submarine, but also for a long-term strategic partnership. As an experienced submarine designer and integrator of submarines for demanding customers, we are committed, to deliver this capability to the Royal Netherlands Navy.

A full-scale cooperation plan aiming at strategic autonomy

A key factor for this project is the strategic autonomy requirement, that we support through an ambitious industrial cooperation plan. This plan will involve Naval Group’s existing network of Dutch partners on key systems and components, ensuring that the Netherlands ecosystem develops and retains expertise and involvement over the submarine life cycle. The Netherlands is a strategic partner for the Group, from materiel to joint R&D projects. We intend to grow that cooperation further and we thank all of our Dutch partners for their support and dedication during the selection phase.

We and our partners are fully mobilized to start delivering a new expeditionary submarine capability to protect the interests of the Netherlands.

Photo courtesy Naval Group