To improve interconnectivity between platforms, Thales launches NEXEN

Wednesday, 17 July 2019 — Air combat is becoming increasingly reliant on the interconnected platforms that exchange digital data with each other. Real-time data correlation provides information superiority to the armed forces. Their missions require many means of communication to be managed without worrying about which transmission channel is to be used. Thales therefore proposes NEXEN, a secure communications server which gives pilots a reliable and simplified source of connectivity.

At the heart of aeronautical connectivity, NEXEN integrates all the functions necessary for a military aircraft to exchange data in real-time. Thanks to NEXEN, all resources can be shared; with each security level assigned its own dedicated transmission chain. With its ANSSI-certified enclosure, NEXEN guarantees not only the separation of data flows according to their level of confidentiality but also the implementation of the best cybersecurity protections. The pilot is able to manage all radios at the same time, limiting the overall workload. Mission systems are able to efficiently exchange their respective data in real-time. Therefore, this solution will allow pilots to focus better on their core mission during moments of critical decision-making.

NEXEN offers a user-oriented architecture: all participants can publish their own resources and subscribe to other user channels without worrying about their location or the necessary means of transmission. This solution provides military aircrafts with the scalability that will enable them to meet the connectivity challenges of the coming decades. Thus, pilots will always have access to the most essential information for all tactical situations.

The target platforms for this solution are combat aircrafts, mission aircrafts, helicopters and drones.

Pictorial courtesy Thales