World Defense Show: the Ukrainian stand

Paolo Valpolini

In a busy day at an important defence exhibition, such as the first edition of the World Defense Show taking place in Riyadh, there is a risk to forget what is happening some thousands of kilometres away, in Ukraine, as one does not have time to check at regular intervals information sources.

This is the reason why EDR On-Line started its visit to the Saudi Arabian exhibition by the UkrOboronProm stand, characterised by the blue-yellow flag. As the head of the Middle East Department told us, “all our defence industry is now concentrated in supporting our armed forces, hence there is no more export.”

However the vehicles exhibited were already in Saudi Arabia, and some personnel took part UMEX 2022 that took place on February 21-23 in Abu Dhabi, the main mission being to bring back the assets seen in Riyadh to the country, as the Army is in need off an asset available. Not easy task!

It will probably take some time before meeting again Ukrainian companies at defence exhibitions, most of military industry facilities having been destroyed by advancing Russian troops.

Look forward meeting you again very soon!

Photo by P. Valpolini