20th Rheinmetall Defence Talks

Paolo Valpolini

For the twentieth time since 2002 Rheinmetall gathered a group of international journalists for its “Defence Talks”, most of which took place in Berlin, as it was the case in early December 2022, with few exceptions, Dresden in 2005 and 2012, and Vienna in 2018, that of 2021 being replaced by a virtual meeting due to pandemic.

Defence Talks allow to get first hand information on activities ongoing in all the branches of the German defence group, usually some new initiatives being unveiled, while on other areas a thorough update is provided. The 2022 edition made no exception, although it would have been naïve hoping in major announcements of new systems, following the ‘wow’ edition of Eurosatory last June.

That said, numerous add-on information were provided on a series of systems and programmes, many of them related to some of the new products unveiled during the Paris event. Definitely a worthwhile session of briefings, as our readers will discover in the coming articles.

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