DIMDEX 2024 – ARES Shipyard presents 76 metres corvette design

Luca Peruzzi

During the DIMDEX 2024 exhibition, the Turkish ARES Shipyard has revealed a new generation compact corvette solution which, according to the company, “will dramatically change the perceptions of conventional warfare towards less or unmanned cutting edge technology in the naval operations theatre.”

“We have developed the ARES 76 Corvette design in response to a solid inquiry received from an undisclosable ally Navy. Thanks to our immense experience in robust manned and unmanned solutions, this exceptional platform is soon going to be the new game changer in naval operations theatres. With these new generation compact 76 Corvette design, we will change the perceptions of conventional warfare, challenging the existing frigate and corvette solutions, integrating manned and unmanned systems for joint operations, considering life cycle costs with much less crew requirement, combining and collecting multi-disciplinary combat and self-defence systems on a 76 metres compact platform. It will be a great experience for us to see it on friendly waters soon,” said Utku Alanc, CEO of ARES Shipyard in a statement about the new product.

The ARES Shipyard has been working more than six months on the now mature design, based on a solid requirement. Tailored for an undisclosed ally Navy, the design is well advanced but no contract has been signed yet.  

According to the Turkish shipyard, the ARES 76 Corvette is a state-of-the-art option for those countries seeking to safeguard their international rights and interests outside of local law enforcement entities’ responsibilities within their exclusive economic zones or in the international waters. The CEO of ARES shipyard has reiterated the fact that Navies tend to identify multipurpose, relatively shorter in length, medium-displacement warship platforms due to evolving combat concepts. With its many features, the ARES 76 Corvette can easily and compactly meet all of these requirements.

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With design specifications as 1,085 tonnes displacement, an overall length and maximum beam of respectively 76 and 12 metres, a draught of 2.87 metres, the ARES 76 Corvette features a propulsion package centred on four MTU 16V 4000 M65L diesel engines and fixed pitch propellers ensuring a maximum speed of 24 knots at half load, with a range of 2,500 nm at 14 knots. The hull is made of steel while the superstructures come in aluminium alloys.

With a crew of 49 elements including 13 officers, according to ARES Shipyard less than half of the crew members on similar-sized warships, the ARES 76 Corvette has defensive and/or offensive capabilities in surface, underwater and air warfare. “Corvettes demand a robust and elaborately considered platform architecture in order to accommodate all these advanced weapon systems and sensors. This requirement necessitates the development of cutting-edge design, exceptional sea-keeping characteristics and platform capabilities that will be minimally affected by rough seas, and provide first-rate living and working quarters for the crew,” highlighted the Turkish Shipyard.

According to the ARES Shipyard CEO, the ARES 76 Corvette will be equipped with a comprehensive combat system with electronics and weapons developed and produced by the Turkish industry. With a compact combat management system (CMS) based on the Havelsan Advent family with a communications suite including Link 16 and 22 data links, the new corvette will feature a sensor suite including Aselsan MAR-D 3D multi-function radar, Aselsan SeaEye EOS (Electro-Optic System) and EW suites. The new platform has also the capability to control the suite of embarked unmanned platforms including both lightweight and fully outfitted VTOL (vertical take-off landing) unmanned air vehicles (UAVs) as well as the family of ULQ unmanned surface vessels (USVs), the latter being deployed and recovered from a stern station.

The ARES 76 Corvette is fitted with an ASuW suite including an MKE 76 mm main gun, four or optionally eight Roketsan Atmaca anti-ship cruise missiles, and two 12.7 mm remote weapon stations. The platform is equipped with self air-defence capabilities centred on an Aselsan Göksur short-range air defence system alongside MKE decoy launchers.

One of the main features that sets the ARES 76 Corvette apart from other similar-sized vessels, according to ARES Shipyard, is its payload versatility for Anti-Submarine Warfare (ASW) operations. The suite includes a Meteksan Yakamos hull mounted sonar, four Orka lightweight torpedo launchers and a six-launcher ASW rocket system from Roketsan. Notable supporting sensors and electronic systems are the expandable bathythermograph system and the underwater telephone.

As anticipated, the ARES 76 Corvette can deploy and recover different versions of ULAQ USVs (Unmanned Surface Vehicles) depending on the end user’s concept of operations such as ISR (Intelligence Surveillance Reconnaissance), ASW (Anti-Submarine Warfare) or KAMA (Kamikaze).

Images courtesy ARES Shipyard