ARQUUS presents its new 8×8 logistics carrier

9 October 2019 – Exhibiting at the 2019 Enterprise Defense Forum currently taking place in Satory, Arquus presents its vision of the logistic carrier of tomorrows armed forces. This 8×8 carrier is the first element of the new ARQUUS logistics range, specially developed for military applications.

From the beginning, the history of Arquus merges with the transport of troops and equipment in support of the Army. It provided the first engine-powered car of the Army with the 1898 Panhard, then the Berliet and Renault trucks of the Sacred Way, and Latil tractors, Arquus is also the producer of the legendary VLRA, which served on all theaters of operations. The company is also at the origin of the GBC 8KT, then GBC 180, as well as the TRM, which for decades have been the workhorses of the Armed Forces, and which still bear today an important part of the Army logistics.

At the service of the Armed Forces, Arquus continues today to support and modernize these fleet, some of which exceed 40 years of service.

The base of the new 8×8 ARQUUS logistics carrier is produced in France and has been specially designed for military applications. Its innovative automotive powertrain was developed on private funds by Arquus with the support and know-how of the Group.

The vehicle driveline features an electronic management, the ATC (Automatic Traction Control). This advanced system allows the vehicle to automatically engage or disengage traction on the front axles. The system also allows the management of differential locks on all axles. The vehicle benefits from optimal mobility on all types of terrain, while saving fuel, tires and bridge wear compared to a permanent all-wheel drive vehicle, simplifying logistics and reducing maintenance needs.

This versatile carrier is able to support a wide range of missions for the armies, such as logistic and strategic transport, water or fuel tanks transport, and vehicle recovery systems. Depending on these missions, ARQUUS offers two versions for the cabin: unprotected, and protected against ballistic and mine threats in accordance with STANAG 4569.

The 8×8 logistic carrier can be fitted with a circular machine gun mount, or a remotely-operated turret such as the Hornet Lite, a self-defense weapon par excellence. The new 8×8 logistics carrier is also designed to accommodate the latest generation of communication and information systems. It is especially interfaceable with the Scorpion equipment.

This new 8×8 carrier is capable of receiving all automation solutions developed by the Group, especially autonomous convoy systems. It is also fitted to integrate the Group’s most innovative solutions for energy optimization and maintenance. These solutions, tested on important civilian fleet, are available to the Armed Forces, thanks to the experience of Arquus in the militarization of dual technologies.

ARQUUS’ historical know-how in support, based on long-term fleet knowledge, reduces maintenance costs and optimizes operational technical availability. In order to ensure the support closest to the forces, ARQUUS can also rely on its logistical network, in France and worldwide.

Unofficial translation by EDR On-Line

Photos courtesy Arquus