EDEX 2018 – Arquus stresses its MRO capabilities at EDEX

Paolo Valpolini

With a considerable footprint in Egypt, over 1,500 Arquus vehicles are being used by the Egyptian Armed Forces, among which 200 armoured, Arquus exhibited at EDEX two vehicles belonging to the Egyptian Army, one Sherpa Scout used for reconnaissance and one Sherpa Light in troop transport version. The latter has a raised roof in the rear part, showing the flexibility of the French company in adapting its products to customers’ needs. Most of the Sherpa are in service with the Rapid Deployment Forces, created to ensure security between Cairo and Libya, these 4×4 vehicles providing a higher protection and a better mobility compared to in-service Fahds.

Arquus is well aware that Egypt, which was the launch customer for then RTD Export, aims at becoming more and more autonomous in the armoured vehicles field. That said, the French company intends to remain a strong partner, and is working not only on the marketing side but also on that of the MRO, maintenance, repair and overhaul being a key issue to ensure availability to customer’s vehicles fleets.

In that field Arquus offers tailored solutions to ensure maximum operational availability of its vehicles. One of the proposals is teleoperated maintenance, where local maintainers can be in contact with specialists at the Arquus HQ and receive instructions while donning interconnected goggles allowing carrying out diagnosis at distance, the link being provided by 3G or 4G networks. Audio and visual connection allows exchanging comments and pictures, considerably increasing maintenance efficiency when difficult problems arise.

Arquus is also providing on-site maintenance teams, which can also be equipped with computer assisted maintenance tools, and can also provide fleet management. The company is also ready to take over the whole fleet management, ensuring a predefined level of operational availability.