Axosuits: from the medical to the military world

by Paolo Valpolini

Axosuits from Romania is specialised in medical exoskeletons aimed at rehabilitation. András Kapy, CEO and co-founder of the company, which started developing such systems in early 2014. The first development was that of powered lower limbs exoskeletons, this attracting the interest of industry and MoD, the latter for using them in EOD activities. The company is currently finishing usability and safety tests, and following those the Ministry of Defence will support further trials. Axosuits looks forward to a partnership with a bigger company to promote its exoskeletons, for medical, industrial as well as military applications; the R&D is looking at other medical conditions beside those currently considered, while studies on machine learning and artificial intelligence implementation are already ongoing. As for the studies on military applications, these are being carried out in cooperation with the University of Pecs, in Hungary.