CPM: C-UAS Italian way

Paolo Valpolini

One of the first companies to put on the market a wide spectrum portable system providing an electromagnetic umbrella, CPM of Italy has now in its portfolio two manportable systems that are widely used to counter the threat of commercial UAS. With a consistent customers record, mostly at export, the company has also provided the Italian Army with its systems to ensure security during recent visits of important heads of State.

The longer range item is the CPM DJI-120-4B, where 4B stands for 4 Bands, and 120 represents the overall RF power output, roughly 30 W per each band. Lightweight, 17 kg with batteries, backpack and the four directive antennas, the latter being of the helical type and installed on a rifle-like element. Of the four jamming frequencies, one is available, the remaining three operating respectively in the SAT 1500 MHZ band, the 2.4-2.5 GHz Wi-Fi band, and in the 5.8 GHz video link band. The system jams signals using a continuous wave full band digital sweep. The DJI-120-4B can block a UAS at 700 meters distance when the distance between the drone and the control station is 70 meters. The “rifle” is 900 mm long, the system being powered by two BB2590 batteries providing a continuous operation time of one hour, the system being capable to remain on stand-by for 20 hours.

A much lighter system, only 1.5 kg batteries included, is the CPM Wilson, a three-band each with 3 W output system with a pistol-like appearance. It features two directive antennas and one whip antenna, the latter operating in the GPS band, the previous two in the 2.4-2.5 GHz and 5.8 GHz bands. The display receives target information from a detection system, waking up the system and alerting the operator, the display also showing target bearing information. Powered by commercial Li-Po batteries, ensures continuous jamming for around 30 minutes while it can remain on standby for 48 hours, jamming distance being around 500 meters with a 100 meters distance between the UAS and its GCS. Although no details were provided on customers, EDR On-Line understands that the Gulf area should definitely be one of those in which CPM systems have been sold. The company has also developed longer range jammers in the C-UAS field, and is also producing numerous vehicular and transportable C-IED jammers.

Photos by Paolo Valpolini