EXPAL Systems presents its latest developments to Eurocorps’ Combat Engineers

Zaragoza, 25th October 2018 – EXPAL will present its latest solutions for Combat Engineers at the Industry Day that takes place tomorrow at the National Training Center “San Gregorio” in Zaragoza, during EURETEX 2018, Eurocorps biannual exercises.

EXPAL will showcase at Euretex 2018 the deployable area control system D-ACS. This complete solution is a surveillance, control and protection system specially designed for operations to protect areas against personnel and light vehicle intrusions. Totally adapted to the current scenarios, the multisensors detect, locate, identify and react against threats.

Among other solutions, the company also brings to the Industry Day the new RADES system: the most rapidly deployed anti-road demolition charge in the market and the Safety Initiation System S-402. The innovative technology of this electronic device minimizes involuntary initiation due to static, stray or induced currents.

EXPAL develops innovative demolition charges, initiation systems, and EOD solutions in cooperation with key NATO countries. These systems are deployed in more than 40 armed forces worldwide.

As part of the portfolio that the company presents at the Industry Day, EXPAL offers high-technology solutions for Combat Engineers, Special Operations Forces and EOD users in their operations. Thanks to its experience and know-how in energetic materials, the company is able to develop these products based on providing maximum efficiency, simplicity of operation and, above all, safety of use.