Ferretti unveils the latest evolution of its FSD150

The previous model had been seen at an earlier show, but at DSA FSD (Ferretti Security Division) unveiled the last version of the boat, known as FSD150 Combat Boat Mk.1. The multipurpose boat, originally designed for an undisclosed country, is being proposed to the Italian Navy that expressed the requirement for a high-speed boat capable of transporting amphibious troops ashore, to be embarked on the new LHD/LHA Multifunctional Ship which construction started in July 2017, one boat per side being carried.

The original design featured an aluminium hull and a waterjet propulsion, while the Mk.1 version has a hybrid fiberglass-carbon hull, Top System TS65 surface drives, and is powered by two MAN I6 providing 800 hp each. As the Italian Navy requires to put the boat afloat at full operational weight using a 25 tons davit, the new hull construction allowed to reduce the displacement unladen at 16.3 tons; considering fuel and the 4.5 tons payload the displacement when laden is of 23 tons. At light displacement the FSD 150 should reach a maximum speed of over 45 knots, while at full load this is reduced to 40 knots, with an endurance of 280 nautical miles. Patrol endurance, at 35 knots, is of 320 NM, fuel tank capacity being 2,400 litres.

The boat is 16.30 meters long overall, waterline length being 13.20 meters, the maximum beam including fenders being 4.20 meters. The features a 22° deadrise and sprayrails. Twenty operators are hosted in the bow section, three-module foldable seats being installed along the hull, while the two detachment commanders sit in the superstructure, behind the three-man crew. Foldable seats allow to transport goods instead of people, something interesting should the FSD150 be used for disaster relief operations. The crew quarters and the upper structure are armoured at Level 3 according to NIJ standards (7.62 mm NATO Ball), the material used being high impact polyethylene provided by Rheinmetall. Astern a 4.7 meters rigid inflatable boat is available, that can be launched thanks to a slipway providing the two drives are oriented at maximum depression.

As for armament, an RCWS can be installed on the roof, while two Rheinmetall Rosy obscuring system launchers are installed on the superstructure allowing to cover 360°. FSD filed its proposal to the Italian Navy and awaits for a decision. In the mean time the boat is being proposed to Finland, while a third undisclosed country also expressed interest.

At DSA three more models were visible, that of the FSD195 fast patrol boat, one boat having been sold to an undisclosed customer, that of the aforementioned FSD150 although in the older version, and the F245, a concept study multirole patrol boat based on a 25.4 meters long Pershing hull.