First appearance of Eurosam at the Dubai Airshow

Paolo Valpolini

EUROSAM, the MBDA-Thales joint venture, was present at Dubai Airshow for the first time presenting the SAMP/T NG system. A derivative of today SAMP/T, in service with the French Air Force and with the Italian Army, the NG, for New Generation, system will be delivered to the two nations  from 2025 on.

The SAMP/T NG is a strategic system that offers an advanced A2/AD (Anti-Acces/Area Denial) capability, ensuring air sovereignty as well as protection of the armed forces and sensitive civil or military sites against all current and future threats, such as cruise and ballistic missiles, anti-radar missiles, UAVs, and aircraft.

The multi-function radar features an AESA antenna based on GaN technology, with state of the art signal processing management providing high probability of detection and maximum tracking accuracy. It has an air surveillance detection range of 350 km, provides 360° coverage and can track over 1,000 targets in a heavy clutter and countermeasures environment. 

The Aster 30 missile in its latest version will be capable to engage medium range ballistic missiles, among others. Vectored using the PIF-PAF technology, eight missiles can be fired by a single launcher in less than 10 seconds.

Photo by J. Roukoz

For more details on the SAMP/T NG please refer to a recent EDR Report by clicking HERE.