FLIR looks at Multi-Domain Operations

By Paolo Valpolini

8 March 2021 – Decreasing risk and acquiring an edge over the opponent by putting time and distance between good people and bad things, exploiting multispectral sensor suites and robotics, and providing actionable information to the warfighter, this might be in a nutshell what FLIR is looking at, to provide US and allied soldiers the right tools to win tomorrows battles.

Awaiting better times that will allow once again to gather physically in real life events, FLIR organised a second roundtable, titled “Solving for Multi-Domain Operations: Opportunities & Challenges for the Defense Industry”, which follows the one that took place in the wake of AUSA on-line, in October 2020. The latter webinar (click HERE to read) focused on the shift from Situational Awareness to Situational Understanding, a sentence often repeated also in the current meeting, as it marks a considerable step forward in the comprehension of the tactical situation.

Multi-Domain Operations (MDO) doctrine and the consequent set of operating principles will definitely influence not only military operations but also new technologies and systems the defence industry will have to provide, to allow combatants to properly operate on the battlefield increasing their chances of success wile limiting risks. FLIR is actively participating in US Army Project Convergence, being one of the leaders in applying Artificial Intelligence to multispectral imaging, so providing the ability to do recognition and decision aiding in a multispectral view.

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All images courtesy FLIR