Havelsan redesigned Baha, the Unmanned Aerial Vehicle

28 09 2022  – HAVELSAN Autonomous UAV BAHA has been redesigned and upgraded. Currently, the flight tests of the platform with improved features and a new design are being carried out. BAHA is not a solution developed just for the Turkish Armed Forces; it is one of the high tech autonomous system that HAVELSAN offers to friendly and allied countries.

In this context, the product is introduced to many countries on the occasion of various events and exhibitions while its tests and demo studies are ongoing.

When BAHA first emerged, it was a platform used to test HAVELSAN’s domestic and national autopilot software and swarm algorithms. However HAVELSAN has developed algorithms on this platform and completed the tests of these at the regions where Turkish armed forces operate. The main purpose of these tests was to define and examine accurately the needs of armed forces at the field. By the way, this test platform itself has also been developed and improved.

BAHA is able to detect and diagnose from a much longer distance.

The new BAHA has many features, and one of the most important is that it can now fly in weather conditions which are in fact not suitable for a flight. In this context, especially in cold weather conditions, thanks to its impermeability feature it will be able to fly in certain rain and precipitation conditions.

In addition to that, with cameras that are much more advanced it will have electro-optical systems capable of detecting and diagnosing from a much longer distance.

It will also have systems enabling flying stably in an environment under jamming. HAVELSAN has conducted many field test activities to develop these new features. The production of the new prototype has  completed, and user demo studies have already began through flight tests. It is expected that it will be used within the digital  troops project in the coming period. The Digital Troops Project is a project consisting of unmanned aerial vehicles, unmanned land vehicles, and unmanned naval vehicles. Together with the command and control system developed by HAVELSAN behind it, it constitutes the infrastructure of the future combat system as a fully integrated system. In this context, HAVELSAN has critical product studies.

BAHA has a 90 percent locality rate. It is designed wholly by HAVELSAN, and its body is produced entirely together with the local companies. The components used in its content are mostly supplied from domestic companies.

Performance and all other tests are still going on intensively on BAHA’s new platforms that can carry different types and weights of payloads.

Photo courtesy Havelsan