IDEX 2019: LIG Nex1 unveils 40 mm mini missile

Paolo Valpolini

Among bigger missile systems, the South Korean LIG Nex1 stand hosted a small green missile that is still looking for its final name, the system being still in the prototype phase.

Developed at the request of the South Korean Army, this missile has a 40 mm diameter, which allows using most warheads developed for 40 mm grenades, decreasing costs and risks. It is however not meant to be launched from underbarrel grenade launchers, as it is far too long to be loaded into them. A light launch tube should be used, minimal recoil allowing firing it also from the shoulder. The missile is currently developed fitted with an image infrared seeker, in the form of an uncooled thermal seeker working in the 8-12 µm, however a version fitted with a SAL (semi-active laser) seeker is also being developed at customer’s request. Overall the missile will weight around 2 kg, its maximum range being 2 km. Using an anti-armour warhead it will be able do defeat light armoured vehicles, while with fragmentation warheads it can be used to neutralise enemy infantry positions such as machine gun or antitank missile nests. Due to its dimensions and weight it is quite probable that the company might look for UAV applications.

According to LIG Nex1 representatives the links between South Korea and Middle East countries are improving, some market areas looking promising like that of radars, the UAE and Saudi Arabia intending to replace their Arthur fire-locating radars, the company Weapon Locating Radar II being a possible solution, the UAE Navy having also shown interest in the K745 Chung Sang Eo (Blue Shark) torpedo. The South Korean company is open to co-develop and co-produce systems in the mid term future.

Photo by Paolo Valpolini