IDEX 2019: Uralvagonzavod promotes RCWS with 57 mm cannon

Dmitry Fediushko

Russia’s research-and-manufacturing corporation Uralvagonzavod (UVZ, a subsidiary of the State Corporation Rostec) enters market for remotely-controlled weapon stations (RCWSs) armed with medium-calibre guns, a source from the company told European Defence Review magazine at the IDEX 2019 defence show being held in Abu Dhabi, the United Arab Emirates, on 17-21 February.

“Market sees a demand for unmanned combat stations armed with medium-calibre guns that are capable of engaging medium and even heavy armoured vehicles. In order to meet modern requirements, the UVZ has developed the AU-220M RCWS armed with a 57 mm automatic cannon,” said the source.

According to him, the new weapon station has been developed by the Burevestnik scientific-and-research institute (a subsidiary of UVZ). “The station is intended for both advanced and existing armoured vehicles. The integration of the 57 mm cannon allows increasing of firepower of mechanised infantry units in a substantial manner. It should be mentioned that the AU-220M engages land and low-flying aerial targets,” said the source, adding that the station can fire on the move and at halt. The RCWS is armed with the 57 mm gun and a Kalashnikov PKTM 7.62 mm general-purpose machinegun. “The AU-220M’s combined sensor suite comprises a thermal imager, TV camera, laser rangefinders, and optical sight with independent dual-axis field-of-view stabilization,” said the source.

The RCWS features all-round protection at Level 3 STANAG 4569 (7.62 mm armour-piercing bullets), while the frontal arc is protected at Level 5 STANAG 4569 (30 mm armour-piercing round).

According to Burevestnik, the 57 mm gun of the AU-220M can engage an aerial target at a slant range of up to 7,5 km and a ground target at a distance of more than 14 km. The gun mount features a depression angle of up to -5 degrees and an elevation angle of up to +60 degrees. The weapon has a rate of fire of 80 rounds per minute and an ammunition load of 80 57 mm rounds and 500 7.62 mm cartridges.

It should be mentioned that several armour manufacturers offer their platforms fitted with the AU-220M to potential customers. For instance, the station has been integrated onto the Mbombe 8×8 armoured fighting vehicle that is offered by South Africa’s Paramount Group to Kazakhstan’s Armed Forces.

Photos courtesy Photo by Burevestnik and by Dmitry Fediushko