IDEX 2019: UVZ intensifies tests of T-90M

Dmitry Fediushko

Russia’s research-and-manufacturing corporation Uralvagonzavod (UVZ), a subsidiary of Rostec, has intensified the tests of its T-90M Proriv (Breakthrough) main battle tank (MBT), according to footage obtained by European Defence Review (EDR).

The footage demonstrates manoeuvrability tests, a tank’s driver at work, and firing on the move. The tank being tested at a proving ground is equipped with a high-definition thermal imaging camera and has high first hit probability capabilities.

According to Designer General of the Ural Design Bureau of Transport Machine-Building (UKBTM, a subsidiary of the UVZ) Andrey Terlikov, the corporation showcases the T-90MS MBT, an export-oriented variant of the T-90M, at the IDEX 2019 show. “The tank can be effectively operated during both combined-arms operations and local conflicts,” said Terlikov. The T-90MS has been fitted with a 3rd-generation modular explosive reactive armour, advanced turbocharged diesel engine, more accurate and reliable 125 mm tank gun, and driver’s computerized workstation. “The T-90MS’s combat weight does not exceed 50 t,” said Terlikov.

The Russian Ministry of Defence (MoD) does not disclose the specifications of its T-90M MBT. The vehicle is known to carry a thermoelectric air cooler and an auxiliary power unit. According to the MoD, the combat capabilities of the T-90M exceed those of the T-90A “in a substantial manner”. The modernised tank has received a new combat module coupled to an automated fire-control system. “The T-90M has been fitted with a thermal imaging camera with an integral automatic target tracker and advanced protection system. It should be mention that the upgraded MBT is capable of working in ‘hunter-killer’ mode,” a source from the UVZ told EDR. The T-90M also carries an electromagnetic protection device, new 125 mm tank gun, and remotely controlled weapon station (RCWS) with a dual-axis stabilizer. “The RCWS is armed with a general-purpose machinegun,” said the source.

The UVZ showcases a scale model of the T-90MS at the IDEX 2019.

Photo courtesy UVZ