IMDEX 19: Israel Shipyards unveils new OPV-45 multi-purpose OPV

Luca Peruzzi

During the first day of IMDEX Asia 2019, Israel Shipyards unveiled the latest addition to its product portfolio, with the presentation of OPV-45 multi-purpose Offshore Patrol Vessel.

Designed for a wide range of naval, paramilitary and homeland security operations, from open sea patrol and surveillance as well as a wide variety of offshore missions such as protecting facilities and EEZ, anti-terror/smuggling/illegal activities’ interdiction, intervention forces’ boarding/landing, and close-range Naval combat operations, including anti-piracy missions and enhanced search and rescue operations, the OPV-45 has been conceived as a cost-effective solution mainly for the export market, looking especially to the Asia-Pacific, African and South America regions. “The OPV-45 is another example of our ability to foresee and comply the market’s needs”, said Mr. Eitan Zucker, the company’s CEO during the unveiling ceremony.

With a hull and deckhouse built from marine grade steel, the OPV-45 has an overall length of 45.7 meters, an 8.6 meters beam and a 2.4 meters draft at full load. With a command bridge enabling 360° observation and a modular and large stern deck area which enables diversified and flexible operational options, the OPV -45 is capable to accommodate up to two 20ft containers equipped for various missions, as well as a 7.2 RHIB launch and recovery station allowing for fast intervention operations. The large stern deck area can be rearranged according to customer needs.

With a diesel engines-based propulsion system with two shafts and propellers, which can be customized depending on customer requirements, as well as a 45kW bow thruster for restricted water operations, the OPV-45 has a sustained speed of over 24 knots and an endurance of 3,000 nm at 12 knots. With accommodations for crew of 16-21 elements, plus an additional space for up to 24 personnel for missions involving Special Forces, search and rescue survivors and castaways, the OPV-45 can be equipped with a command, control and navigation suite including search/navigation radars (X/S band) and Electro-Optical director as well as an armament package including a remotely controlled 23-30 mm gun system, two 50 mm caliber stabilized guns and non-lethal weapons.

Photo by Luca Peruzzi